Jaggery and Peanut chikki balls ( Jaggery peanut brittle )

Jaggery and Peanut chikki balls ( Jaggery peanut brittle )

Haseeb asked my mom to make peanut chikki and told her the shop one are not that fresh and she had religiously roasted peanuts and cleaned them which took more than 1 hour and everyday ,I come back from gym and slowly started to polish them and one day seriously asked mom ,when she was planning to make chikki , innocently she replied she was waiting for me to help her and in a day or two she will make and asked me why I was asking and my answer made her to add jaggery to the pan immediately…. Every dish has a memory for me and this chikki got me loads of love ( moms cute anger ) on me for polishing her precious peanuts

Mom was happy when we got perfect consistency of jaggery syrup which resulted in perfect chikki and she ensured that Haseeb ate them immediately and I enjoyed their conversation that we should stop buying these chikkis and make them often at home ( I told Haseeb to help us clean the peanuts , can’t forget the blank look he gave )


  • Roasted peanuts – 350 gms ( Roast them in a pan for 5 to 7 minutes , peel the skin and clean them )
  • Brown Jaggery – 150 gms
  • Water – 1/4 cup


  1. In a deep bottom pan add jaggery and water ,once jaggery melts strain it then add it back to the pan
  2. Let it start to boil for 5 minutes take a bowl of cold water ( to check the consistency of jaggery ) and every 30 seconds add a drop of the hot jaggery syrup into water to check if you get a ball stage ( medium hard ball )
  3. you get the medium hard ball stage in within minutes, you need to be careful not to burn the syrup , add peanuts , mix well and remove in a tray that is covered with parchment paper or grease the tray with 1/2 tsp oil
  4. When the mixture is hot ( heat that you can handle ) make Lemon size balls and let it cool and store in air tight container

You can cut them into squares rather than making Balls
You can a pinch cardamon powder or saffron to enhance the flavour
You can add any nut of your choice ( cashews, pistachio , almonds )
You can substitute jaggery with sugar add 2 tsp ghee and 1 tbsp of water and caramelize it to the medium ball stage and then add peanuts , you need to very quick with sugar as caramel cooks faster and become bitter

We took 15 minutes to make this recipe

Happy cooking


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