Murukku ( Chakli )

Murukku ( Chakli )

This is one snack I have seen my mom making for years and still makes them for my kids….I still remember ,she used to make murukku and biscuits before our exams and we used to finish it in two days and then blame each other that other person ate more …..there was a point when mom used to fry and divide and give one box to me and other one to sis and still we used to complain that it’s not enough …..Even now my dad and father in law enjoy them with Sambar rice ( trust me guys , they taste awesome even with lemon rice ) …..I always feel that you need patience frying this yummy snack and my mom advise is to knead the dough in small batches as the dough starts to ferment and murukku becomes dark brown in colour ….

This is one snack Haseeb tells me to pack for his office as he forgets to eat at home and by the time he remembers ,nothing is left for him…. I normally avoid eating them as once you start munching them then it’s very hard to stop but one thing for sure this snack always brings back loads of childhood memories for me


  • Rice flour – 200gms
  • Roasted split black gram flour – 50 gms ( urad dal ) ( you can make powder in the grinder and sieve it )
  • Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Asafoetida – 2 pinch
  • Oil for frying plus 2 tbsp to be added to the flour ( you can add melted butter instead of oil to the dough )

    If you don’t have weighing machine the ratio in cup is for 1 cup of rice flour add 1/4 cup black gram flour


  1. Heat oil in the kadhai ,in the bowl all the other ingredients in a bowl , add 2 tbsp hot oil to it .Add enough water to make a smooth dough .
  2. Using the murukku mould ( you can use any design ) press the murukku on the back of the wide spoon or bowl ( oil the back of the spoon ) and slowly turn it into the hot oil .Deep fry by cooking on both sides until the shh… sound and bubbles reduces. Until crisp and golden brown.
  3. You can press the next batch of murukku while a batch is getting cooked. Drain in paper towel.Cool it and store in airtight container

Note : Do not fry the murukku on very high flame, else it will turn brown from the upper surface instantly leaving the inner surface raw and can directly press the murukku into the hot oil but it is better to press on back of wide spoon ( you need 5 to 6 wide spoon or flat bowls so that you can press the murukku and keep it ready while the first batch is frying )

It takes minimum 45 minutes to make this snack

Happy cooking …..

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