Blue floating Island

Blue floating Island

Past one week , I have realized few things in life ….may be a reality check for me and that has made me move closer to God …..I would say we human beings are unhappy about so many things but today if God asks me what I would want , my reply will Good health for everyone ….I used to teach my students that Health is Wealth but the actual meaning , I have understood last week …..I have not entered my kitchen due to shooting leg pain and the sad part is doctors are unable to find out The reason as all my tests ( including my X-ray ) are normal ….so the best thing I decided is give my case to God and ask him for help …..

Now moving to the actually story of this floating island , I had this drink last year at my cousin Haseena aapa’s house and she told me , it’s easily available in chennai ……so when I was in India last year , I bought an international brand of this blue syrup costing more than 800rs , when my mom saw it , her instant answer was that I stop cooking rather than wasting money on this syrup …..I came back and narrated this sad story to Haseena aapa , who said it’s less than 200 rs and this year during my niece wedding this was the starter drink served in the wedding and Haseena aapa remembered that I was searching for it and got this bottle as a surprise gift for me ……

I made this juice for my friend Yamini , who throughly enjoyed it and then surprised my son Rayyan by serving him a glass of it along with his lunch and loved the way he hugged me and scolded me for making it when I was not well ……planning to make this when We have our family get together …..


  • Blue curacao – 2 tbsp
  • Lychee drink – 1 can
  • Ice cubes as required

Other options : you can add seven up instead of lychee juice along with few fresh mint leaves and lemon slices


  1. In a serving glass add the blue curacao , then add the ice cubes, slowly pour the lychee juice over the ice cubes so that it doesn’t get mixed with the blue syrup
  2. Serve chilled

Note : This syrup is citrus flavour , so I didnt add lemon juice , if required you can add fresh lime juice ….

I took 5 minutes to make this drink

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