Cricket drink

Cricket drink

This drink is served in TN cricket club and has got the name because of it ….when the waiter served on my table ,I had to learn it …thanx Lubna bhabi for taking me there and my brother Muheeb for encouraging me to ask for the recipe ( which I never used to do before ) and the person who made it was very obliging to teach me the proper way to make this drink……

You can use any flavour crush ( they use only orange and I made with mango ) and planning to make with blueberry ….the most important step is the pouring of the aerated drink ….the picture below show before and after mixing the drink….


  • Any flavour crush – 3 to 4 tbsp ( it’s very sweet ,add according to your preference )
  • Chilled Seven-up or Sprite – 1 can
  • Ice cubes


  1. In the serving glass pour the crush .
  2. Slowly add the ice cubes on top of the crush with a long spoon ,( I didn’t have ice cubes but my seven up was very cold)
  3. Take a spoon and keep it near the ice cubes and start pouring the aerated drink very slowly that it first flows from the spoon ,to the glass ( tricky but easy )
  4. Serve immediately

Note : If seven up is added in the hurry it will mix with crush

Happy cooking…..

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