About Me


“For people who love to cook and share recipes “

That’s the flavour-filled tagline of my page Rimzyskitchen…… I am Reema Haseeb ,teacher by profession and a chef at heart…Born eldest , I always had craze for reading books which include reading cookery books …. I did my graduation in Nutrition and dietetics which helped me to understand the science behind cooking  and My love for cooking goes back as a kid when I used to watch my mom try out new dishes  and we  never used go out much to restaurants as we were served hotel cuisine at home and I used to wonder if I would ever remember the names of the spices that flavoured the dishes……Today I face the same issue with Haseeb who refuses to go out for eating as he feels I can try and cook any kind of dish
Though I pursued my career as a teacher( which I continue to this day) I never forgot to give thought to food ‘ because food at my place is not just a meal but an experience … My sister Seema has always been my pillar of strength and before I knew I had started sharing recipes with my near and dear ones especially teachers who encouraged me to share recipes on my Facebook page so that it would be easy for them to follow…..
I believe that however difficult each recipe is ….I got to make it simple for my friends who trust me  ….My critics are the most difficult people to please and  those are my kids Rayyan and Rasha and not to forget my niece Rida and Refa They made my cooking journey exciting as they encourage me to try new recipes …..

I have been inspired and copied my recipes from various blogs and if I have not given due credits to the person , would request them to kindly let me know as I always felt that recipes once shared on Public can never be mine and it becomes our Recipe

Do let me know if you try any of my dishes , appreciation and suggestions are always welcome

Happy cooking

Reema Haseeb